Armin's World Tour of Scotland

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Ok, this is the page about me, the author of this site. Sometimes known as the traveller. Find out about my background and where else I've travelled.

Picture of Armin GreweMy full name is Armin Grewe, I was born in Bremen/Germany in 1968. I grew up in Bremen, went to university in Oldenburg (only about 30 miles from Bremen) and then decided to leave to discover the world. My first long period abroad was in the United States: I worked in Los Angeles for 8 months in 1993. During that time I used the opportunity to discover the southwest of the United States. After graduating in early 1995 it was time to move again: I moved to Swindon/ England to work for the European division of Intel Corporation. Apart from 2 years 1998-2000 where I worked in Munich (also working for Intel), I've now lived in Swindon since 1995.

At some point I discovered the beauty of Scotland. My first visit was in December 1996 and I've returned ever since. I've prepared various travelogues from my visits 1997-2002 as well as some pages about the Isle of Islay off the west coast of Scotland. So far I've mainly visited the west coast, places like Glasgow, Argyll, the Trossachs, the Isle of Islay and the Isle of Skye as well as the western Highlands around Fort William.

Intel offers me the opportunity to "bank" some of my annual holiday every year and then leave for a two month "sabbatical" every 7 years. I took my first of these in 2002 and this website is about what I did during this time: My own "World Tour of Scotland". You can find out how I planned what I was going to do on this site and once I was on the road (or on sea, for the parts where I needed to use ferries) I updated this site while I was travelling. The main part of this website is the travelogue I wrote from my tour

I've started writing websites some time in early 1999, almost all of my early attempts luckily have disappeared from the web. My two other sites can be found at and

I would appreciate your feedback about this site, please use my contact page to send me an email.