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Welcome to the site about my 8 weeks long tour around Scotland in 2002. You will find pictures, information, anecdotes, tips and whatever else I can think of.

Preparation - How I came up with the idea and prepared for the tour
The Tour - My travelogue with daily entries and lots of pictures
General - General information related to this site

Blue-white impression of ArminBut what is "Armin's World Tour of Scotland" about? Well, the author of this site is Armin (that's me) and during July and August 2002 I went on a 8 weeks tour around Scotland. I did this during my "sabbatical" from work. Other people go on a round the world tour, so I decided to call it my world tour. Simple as that.

Small picture of Urquhart Castle with Loch Ness in the backgroundThis site contains two main areas: Between January and June 2002 I documented the preparation and planning for my tour. Once I was on the road (or on sea, for the parts where I had to use ferries) during July and August 2002 I updated the site while I was travelling, as far as possible daily (Where I wasn't able to get sufficient mobile phone reception it took a little bit longer). These pages are in the form of a travelogue in the "tour area", basically a diary with my experiences and lots of pictures.

Small picture of the Laproaig distilleryInitially I worked on the basics for the site, areas like the overall structure (see also the Sitemap), the legal & technical framework and the contact page. Then I worked on the preparation chapter, writing a few pages about the idea for this tour and the route I'm planning to take. I also documented some of the bookings for hotels and ferries. In the preparation chapter I've also documented my "Trial Run" at the end of April. A mini holiday to test if updating this site while travelling was feasible. It was.

Small picture of Glenfinnan Monument and Loch ShielThe tour then kicked off on the 1st of July with my departure from Swindon. Through the south-west I made my way to the Isle of Islay. Via Mull and through Ardnamurchan I made my way to the Isle of Skye. From Skye I continued via Harris and Lewis to Orkney. Next stop was Shetland before returning to the mainland and going on the Castle Trail. Via Loch Ness I continued to Dundee and St Andrews and then Edinburgh. The last days were spent in the Borders region before returning to Swindon on the 22nd of August. Just to give you a few highlights of the many during my tour.

Small picture of the round church in Bowmore/IslayIf you like this site, I would appreciate if you recommend it to friends, family or colleagues. You can now do this very easy via the Online referal form I provide. So, please spread the word and recommend it to your friends, family and colleagues. Or if you have your own website, please link to me.

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