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Facts of the Day:
Date: 13/July/2002
From: Port Charlotte, Islay
Via: Port Askaig
To: Dunchraigaig/Kilmartin Glen
Miles: 64 (land) 30 (nautical)
Midges: 25 (Estimate)
Weather: Hazy sunshine
Mood: Good, sad, excited

Picture of Machir BayAfter a great week on Islay it was time to say good-bye: A last visit to the beach and then the ferry back to the mainland. No visit to Islay would be complete for me without a walk in Machir Bay, so this was where I went.Picture of Machir Bay The tide was out, so the beach was very wide. And it was decidedly busy, I think there were at least 15 other people on the beach.Picture of people on the beach Quite a lot for Machir Bay. I had a very nice time, all too soon it was time to leave for the ferry. I had a great time on Islay, mostly good weather, excellent food, friendly people. Just not enough time.

Picture of the ferry in Port AskaigSoon the ferry arrived in Port Askaig and I left Islay to return to the mainland. After two hours we arrived in Kennacraig and I drove on to Kilmartin Glen, where I had booked a room at Dunchraigaig House.Picture of Dunchraigaig House It takes its name from Dunchraigaig Cairn just down the road. You also have a very nice view of the Ballymeanoch Standing Stones from here, as they are in a field just across the road. I could even see them from my room, how many places can offer you something like that?Picture of the standing stones The next day I would take a closer look at them before driving further north towards the Isle of Mull and Isle of Skye.

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