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Facts of the Day:
Date: 18/July/2002
From: Kinloch Lodge, Isle of Skye
Via: Elgol
To: Kinloch Lodge, Isle of Skye
Miles: 89
Midges: 20 (Estimate)
Weather: Sunny and warm, later hazy
Mood: Fantastic

Picture of view from roomAfter an excellent dinner and a good night sleep at Kinloch Lodge I woke up to a nice view over to the Cuillins from my room (OK, the picture is from the previous evening, but it looked very similar). The breakfast was excellent as well and I felt ready for the day. I decided to take a look around Elgol and possibly go for a walk in the area. I had visited Elgol the previous year, then it rained and the view was boring to say the least. This time it was sunny and clear. And the view over Loch Scavaig fantastic:Picture of the view of the Cuillins

Picture of the pathPicture of the bayAs the ferry to Loch Coruisk was already sold out I decided to go for a walk to Cladach a'Ghlinne. The path winds along the coast and steep hills for about a mile or so with beautiful views over to the Cuillins before reaching the bay. The beach consists of large stones, not very nice to walk on. So I decided to head into the glen behind it. From here you have a nice viewPicture of the glen back over Loch Scavaig with the Isle of Rum in the background. After a few hours I returned to Elgol to pick up my car and drive back to Kinloch Lodge, trying to find a spot with good GPRS connection on the way. This proved to be quite difficult, although I managed to upload the page from the previous day. To complete a great day a very nice dinner was waiting at Kinloch Lodge...

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