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Facts of the Day:
Date: 02/August/2002
From: Sumburgh
Via: Quendale
To: Sumburgh
Miles: 37
Midges: none (Probably still too windy)
Weather: Hazy sunshine
Mood: Very good

Picture of the JarlshofHaving started to explore the south mainland I continued where I stopped the previous day. The Jarlshof is right next to the Sumburgh Hotel, so it was an obvious choice to start here.Picture of the wheelhouse It is the largest archeological site on Shetland with the remains of buildings ranging from the Stone Age to the early seventeenth century.Picture of the wheelhouseBronze and Iron Age buildings are closest to the entrance, with the ruins of the laird's house towering over them. I found the wheelhouse the most impressive building, built approx 1500 years ago. You can walk into it and explore the chambers with the walls going of the the centre like the spokes of a wheel. There are also the remains of a Broch and of Viking longhouses, too many to show pictures of all of them. From the Jarlshof you can see Sumburgh Head, my next destination. At Sumburgh Head you'll find yet another Lighthouse built by Robert Stevenson as well as some impressive cliffs.Picture of Sumburgh Head in the hazePicture of the cliffs with the lighthouse

Most people visiting Sumburgh Head probably visit because of the thousands and thousands of birds living and nesting there. I'm not particularly interesting in birdwatching, but did find the puffins quite interesting. There were still quite a few around (they usually leave around late July/ early August) It was quite difficult to take pictures of them, but I managed to take a few acceptable ones.Picture of a puffinPicture of a puffin

My next stop was the Croft House Museum near Dunrossness. I had a very interesting tour of the house and its surroundings. The guide showing me around demonstrated some interesting tools kept in the house, very impressive of how people lived in the 1870s.Picture of the Croft HousePicture of the interior of the croft house

Picture of Quendale MillPicture of the grain chutesAnd it continued with yet another historic building: Quendale Water Mill. I watched a video about the mill and its history before I was given a very interesting tour by an old farmer who still remembered the times the mill was in use. Very informative to see how everything was working in the mill and how the power of the water was used. There are also several displays of old crofting machinery and equipment.

Picture of Spiggie LochPicture of the Spiggie HotelI finished the day with a drive around Spiggie Loch and a stop at Scousburgh Sands, as well as an excellent dinner at the Spiggie Hotel in Scousburgh. Very friendly service and a very good inexpensive meal.

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