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Facts of the Day:
Date: 04/August/2002
From: Sumburgh
Via: Bixter
To: Sumburgh
Miles: 130
Midges: 100 (Estimate)
Weather: Dense fog, sunny and warm later
Mood: Excellent

Picture of ScallowayAfter some doubts how the weather would develop (dense fog in Sumburgh in the morning) it turned out very nice. Through Scalloway and Tingwall I made my way over to the West Side peninsula. The road follows the coastline closely and from some of the higher parts I had excellent viewsPicture of the views near Sandsound to the south. Past Bixter and the Bridge of Walls I continued to Walls, where I stopped for a moment to decide where to head now.Picture of the bay at Dale of Walls I ended up at Dale of Walls, where I found a beautiful bay with excellent opportunities to walk on the hills nearby. The views from these hills and cliffs as well as over to Foula were fantastic, without any further comments a few impressions below:

Picture of Armin in front of the cliffsPicture of the cliffs in closer view

Picture of FoulaPicture of the cliffs in the north of the bay

Picture of the cliffs on the south side of the bayPicture of the cliffs further north

Picture of the view northEarly in the evening I started to make my way back south. On the way I passed one of the highest hills in the southern mainland with a road leading up to the top (I don't know the name, but it's the one with all the telecommunication masts. And the sign says "Eiffeltower", I assume referring to the shape of one of the towers), so I decided to drive up and take a look. It was a good decision, the views were excellent:

Picture of the view over St Ninian's IslePicture of the sunset

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