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Facts of the Day:
Date: 05/July/2002
From: Glasgow
Via: Pollock Park
To: Glasgow
Miles: 12
Midges: 0 (Estimate)
Weather: Sunny and warm
Mood: Sick

Picture of Glasgow City ChambersHaving arrived in Glasgow from Culzean Castle it was time for some culture. I started at Glasgow City Chambers on George Square. Unfortunately I missed the guided tour, so I was only able to see some of it. Nevertheless, the marble stairwells are impressive, they are already worth the visit.Picture of the marble stairwell The City Chambers were built from wealth gained by colonial trade and heavy industry during late Victorian times.Picture of the Gallery of Modern Art Just around the corner is the Gallery of Modern Art, a place I always like to visit when I'm in Glasgow. The building was built in 1780 and has served various functions including Royal Exchange and central library. Several interesting pieces were on show again, including this diving woman (The piece is called Down Under).Picture of an exhibit Another interesting one was the installation of rusty cars and thousands of newspapers. I don't know what it means, but it looks very interesting. Must have taken ages to assemble ;-) And these are only two examples of the various exhibits in the galleryPicture of an exhibit, I probably could have filled several pages. If you are wondering why there is no mention of Charles Rennie Mackintosh, this is because I visited most of his buildings already during previous visits and decided to give them a miss this time. But I'll probably visit them again next time. My next move was to drive to Pollock Park.Picture of the building for the Burrell Collection Among others Pollock Park is home to the Burrell Collection.Picture of August Rodin's' sculpture The Thinker The shipping magnate Sir William Burrell built a huge art collection of various items, which he donated to Glasgow. They are now housed in the purpose built building in Pollock Park. One example is Auguste Rodin's "The Thinker", a piece I liked particularly. And with that the day was over. Unfortunately I wasn't able to go out in the evening due to a stomach upset and diarrhoea and just went to bed very early. I just hope that I get over it soon to be fully fit again to continue my tour in better shape.

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