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Facts of the Day:
Date: 06/August/2002
From: Sumburgh
Via: Lerwick
To: Atlantic Ocean
Miles: 38 (land), 83 (nautical)
Midges: none so far (Estimate)
Weather: Fog and clouds
Mood: sad

Picture of the Spiders Web shopAfter a fantastic few days it was time to say good bye to Shetland. I spent the morning packing and updating my travelogue before starting to make my way to Lerwick. On the way some serious shopping took place: I started with a sheep skin from a craftsman selling them at the Jarlshof. Next stop was at the Shetland Collection of Doreen Brown in Exnaboe. Here I bought a present for my sister, so I can't say what I bought. I continued in Lerwick, where I bought a Shetland Sweater for me at the Spiders Web. Followed by some local beer from Britains most northerly brewery.

Picture of the ferry and the cabinSoon it was late afternoon, time to board the ferry. Boarding went very smooth and I picked up the key for my cabin. It wasn't very big, but provided everything I needed: A settee (converting into a bed), a small desk (where I'm typing this page) and a bathroom. Even a small window to let some daylight in. At 18:00hrs the St Clair left Lerwick,Picture of Fort CharlottePicture of Sumburgh Head heading for Aberdeen. On the way the ferry travels past most of Lerwick and the Southern Mainland. Unfortunately visibility wasn't very good for most of the way along Shetland, luckily it cleared up a little bit when we reached Sumburgh Head. After some bad experiences with ferry restaurants before (not on this tour) I was pleasantly surprised by the restaurant on the St Clair, where I enjoyed a quite nice dinner (beef) with some red wine (Australian Cabernet Sauvignon).

Picture of the ferry on the wayPicture of the lighthouse at the Fair IsleAnd with that it was really good bye to Shetland. Well, almost: The last chance to say good bye came when we passed Fair Isle around 21:00hrs, the lighthouse giving a last glimpse of Shetland. A little bit sad I went back to my cabin to finish this page and get some sleep. Good bye Shetland, hello Aberdeen and Northeast Scotland...

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