Armin's World Tour of Scotland

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Picture of two empty bagsWith the last bookings completed it was time to get ready. I bought two new bags to have something to put my things into. They looked a bit empty, so I decided to do something about it: First some internet-shopping to stock up on clothes: As they always tell you to wear clean underwear in case you have an accident and are taken to hospital, my first stop was at Figleaves. Then a few T-Shirts, I decided to try Lands End for them. And then some kind of Rugby Shirt, for this I went to Boden (and ended up with a quite nice "Tipped Half-zip Sweat"). All were quite easy to use, only Boden seemed to have a few problems with my Mozilla browser, so I had to switch to Internet Explorer. And all three of them were very efficient with their delivery: I ordered on a Sunday afternoon and received the goods from all three of them on Tuesday. With that the basics were sorted.

Picture off the packaging after my shopping tripNext for some offline shopping. An afternoon in Swindon Town Centre and most of that was completed. I came back with several plastic bags and soon had a pile of packaging on my floor. Hiking boots, more T-Shirts and a trekking pole were among the things I bought. OK, shopping done. Then I went through all the other things you do when leaving for a holiday, especially a long one like mine: Asking my neighbour if she could look after the flat during my absence (yes, she could), suspending the subscriptions for some of the magazines I read, making sure all important bills were on Direct Debit, those kind of things. And then my last day at work arrived. I tried to close as much as possible before leaving (fairly successfully), informed my business partners about my absence and who would cover for me. Then the last weekend before my departure: Laundry, laundry and more laundry. Cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning (I want to return to a clean house). And packing, making sure I had everything I would need during those two months on the road.

Now I was ready for the tour. Oh, before I forget, I also collected a few helpful links.

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