Armin's World Tour of Scotland

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In this chapter I will write about preparing for my tour. I will provide links to helpful websites, write down thoughts while planning my tour and invite you to send me comments.

Table of Contents:
1. The Idea -> Why this tour?
2. The Route -> Where will I go?
3. First Bookings -> Hotels and ferries
4. Mobile communication -> mobile phone etc
5. More bookings -> continued...
6. "Trial run" -> a long weekend in April
7. Drive up to Glasgow -> on the motorway
8. Glasgow -> a nice afternoon
9. Argyll -> A rainy day
10. Isle of Gigha -> a small island
11. Kintyre -> Seals and surfers
12. Glasgow to New Lanark -> model village
13. Review of success -> Trial run successful?
14. Last bookings -> B&B's, hotels...
15. Getting ready -> shopping & packing
16. Helpful Links -> More information

Armin having an ideaIf you're interested in how I came up with the idea for this tour and why I'm preparing a website for it, you might want to read the page about the idea for the tour. Following on from the idea you can read about the route I'm planning to take. That's the basics sorted out.

Now it was time to start with some more detailed planning and the first bookings. Followed by looking into mobile connectivity, as I'm planning to update this site while I'm on the road.

I went on to a "trial run" for a long weekend in Scotland in late April (around my birthday). During that weekend I wanted to find out if updating the site while I'm on the road is really feasible. It was, you can read my travelogue from this short tour as well as my review of what I learned in this section.

With that done I completed a few last bookings and it was time to get ready to pack. The real thing was approaching quickly now...

Finally I prepared a page with helpful links, which I will continuously update as I work on the site. If you have any comments or suggestions, please send me a mail. I will try to answer as soon as possible, although it might take a while depending on the workload from my day job or how busy I am during the tour.

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