Armin's World Tour of Scotland

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Picture of the view from my bedroom in SwindonHere we go, the "Trial Run" is under way. Friday the 19th of April and I'm on my way to Glasgow. I woke up to some very nice weather and after a nice run, a quick online chat with Brent I packed my stuff and left.

My route took me via Cirencester and Gloucester to the M5 and then it was motorway only. Picture of cows crossing the motorway over a bridge At some point I had a rather unusual sight with a whole herd of cows crossing the motorway. Luckily they were using a bridge, not just stampeding straight over the motorway. Traffic wasn't too bad so I made quite good progress first to Birmingham and then on to Manchester and Liverpool, joining the M6. Spring has started fully now, there's a lot of fresh green on the trees already.

Picture of the services at Lancaster with my car in frontUnfortunately I was then slowed down by quite a few roadworks with speedlimits.Picture of roadworks on the motorway I decided to have a late lunch and drove on for a while after passing Manchester and Liverpool. When I arrived at Lancaster I decided to take a break to get something to eat and give my car a little rest (The green Peugeot 306 in the picture on the left is my car). Lunch was a burger with fries, but then I had more important things on my mind: Getting my first page online from the road. As you are reading this it looks like I succeeded. Now on to Glasgow for some shopping and a pint after a long drive...

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