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Picture of the sun coming out over GlasgowPicture of the M8 through Glasgow, eastboundAfter all the rain during my day on the Kintyre Peninsula the weather changed to the better on the last day of my trial run. Originally I had planned to do some shopping in Glasgow before heading back south, but the sun changed my plans. I decided to get out and visit New Lanark.

Picture of the view over New Lanark from the visitors car parkPicture of a cotton mill in the museumNew Lanark was founded as a brand new industrial settlement in 1785 in a beautiful gorge in Southern Scotland, close to the Falls of Clyde. The waters of the Clyde were used to power cotton mills. From 1800 to 1875 New Lanark was owned and managed by Robert Owen. Owen was a social and educational pioneer and implemented a lot ofPicture of the village with Clyde flowing past new ideas in the village. These included decent homes, fair wages, free health care and a new education system. The village even had the first nursery school in the world. After falling into serious disrepair after the mill was closed in the 1960s, the village has now been restored and you can visit several interesting exhibitions about the mill and Robert Owen's work. Unfortunately I didn't have the time for it, but apparently there's also a nice walk along the Clyde to the Falls of Clyde.

Picture of the M74 in southern ScotlandPicture of roadworks on the motorwayAnd with that my "Trial Run" was almost over. The only thing left was the long drive back down to Swindon. Through rolling hills and past more roadworks I made my way home. Finally I had to think about a review of the success of the "Trial Run". Did everything work as needed for the real thing? Or do I need to make any changes?

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