Armin's World Tour of Scotland

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Drawing of someone writing a log and uploading via GPRSHaving returned to Swindon after the nice day in New Lanark it was time to review if the "Trial run" was successful. Did everything work as planned or would I need to make any changes?

The first area to look at was the feasibility of uploading the pages via my mobile phone and GPRS. Obviously I hadn't been to some of the more remote areas of Scotland, but only a small part which is probably quite well covered in regards to the mobile phone network. Nevertheless I felt my experiences to be very encouraging: Basic mobile phone connection was available nearly everywhere, in particular anywhere near the coast. GPRS coverage was not as comprehensive but still quite good as well. It wasn't available everywhere where I could connect to the phone network, but at least in every larger village. The connection speed was slower than the 56.6k modem I'm used to from home, but not so much slower as to make it unusable. Conclusion: This part should work. I might have to sometimes wait until reaching a larger village, but that shouldn't be a major issue.

Then the preparation of the daily pages. I estimate that I took about one to one and a half hours per page including picture selection, preparation of the pictures, writing the page and uploading everything. This will probably require some discipline, but I think I can work that out. Especially preparing a few templates and making sure I've got the directory and file name structure right should help here. Something I probably still should think about a little bit.

Time to make the last bookings and get ready for the tour.

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